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John Banville's fictional drama inspired by the meeting in 1967 between the poet and Holocaust survivor Paul Celan and the Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger at the latter's mountain retreat. First broadcast on BBC R4 on 20th January 2006.


Stephen Wyatt's play explores the relationship between Cardinal Newman and Fr Ambrose St John, and the decision to open the grave in which both priests were buried. Starring Derek Jacobi, this drama was first broadcast on BBC R4 on 8th July 2010.


Jeremy Irons reads T.S. Eliot's four linked meditations,
Burnt Norton, East Coker, The Dry Salvages and Little Gidding. First broadcast on BBC R4 on 18th January 2014, the reading is prefaced by a short introduction by Lord David Alton, Gail McDonald and Michael Symmons Roberts.


This performance of Dylan Thomas's famous drama (first broadcast in 1963) stars Richard Burton, Sian Phillips, Ruth Jones, Matthew Rhys, with a cameo role played by John Humphrys. On 18th October 2014, a special 5.1 surround sound version was broadcast by BBC R4. This is a stereo downmix of that version.


Tom Stoppard's play about loyalty, compromise, love and music was first broadcast unstaged on 8th July 2007 on BBC Radio 3. "In 1968, Czech student Jan returns home 'to protect rock 'n' roll' from the Soviet tanks crushing the Prague Spring. Max, a Communist don in Cambridge, watches his ideology collapse until the Velvet revolution of 1990 allows student and master to meet again. The politics and music have changed, but have the people?"

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