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Tuesday 17th January

Time: 20.00 Venue: Scena, Chorio

Screening of Lindsay Anderson's celebrated film
If (1968).

All welcome!

Thursday 26th January

Time: 16.30 Venue: The Sunrise Café, Chorio

Crosswords Quiz

All welcome!


N.B. The PHIDOC Book of the Month for September is Conversations with Igor Stravinsky by Igor Stravinsky and Robert Craft and the Track of the Month is 'Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)' by Marvin Gaye.

6th - 16th September 2022

2022 Symi International Film Festival (SIFF).

Venue: The Village Square, Chorio. Start Time each evening 20.15

Further details to be found here:

Poster (Ellenika)

Poster (English)

All welcome!

Every Monday. Time: 21.00 Venue: The Secret Garden, Pedi Road

Open Mic. Night

Come and contribute!

Every Friday.
Time: 21.00 Venue: The Secret Garden, Pedi Road

Live Music with George and Clare


Play It Again, Sam – Rewind Radio now includes the first radio performance of Tom Stoppard’s play Rock ‘n’ Roll which references James Joyce at its very start. You can find it here.


Food for Thought will now feature at least one monthly 'long read' article reflecting the times in which we live. These will be chosen either from the Guardian, the Independent or other quality UK and non-UK newspapers and journals committed to factual accuracy, investigative journalism and critical analysis. Regrettably, if the newspaper or journal has a global paywall policy it won't be considered.

JUNE 2021

Live Music has at long last returned to Symi!

Mondays at The Secret Garden, Chorio (Pedi Road) takes the form of an Open Mic. Night. All welcome to participate or simply listen to the various offerings over a drink or meal. Starting time 21.00.

In addition, Fridays at The Secret Garden features 'George, Clare and Marcus' providing a variety of music to accompany a meal or simply a drink or two. Starting time 21.00.

MARCH 2021

All the videos on the PHIDOC website have now been digitally enhanced using online cutting-edge AI. Subjectively, the improvement seems to be in the order of 35-55% depending on the source material.


The second nationwide lockdown in Greece has meant that the launch of the new Film Night on Tuesday evenings at Scena (Chorio) has been postponed. Further details to come. For the same reason, Open Mic. Night at The Secret Garden is currently in abeyance.

The 'Arrivals and Departures' page on PHIDOC now features a link to
Play It Again, Sam - Rewind Radio. The latter features three classic drama productions along with Jeremy Irons reading T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets. More content will be added in the months ahead. In addition two more sermons have been added to the Select Sermons page and a recent paper on psilocybin and the treatment of depression has been added to the Psychedelic Research Today page.


Save the Symi Music School - Appeal

(Please visit the above site and give as generously as you can and then let others know about the Appeal.)

Open Mic. Night at The Secret Garden, Chorio (see below)


Open Mic. Night at The Secret Garden, Chorio (Pedi Road) 20.30 every Monday until further notice. Come along and join in!

MAY 2020

All the videos on PHIDOC have now been digitally remastered to ensure a more immersive experience on a good AV setup. In due course all the audio tracks will be upgraded to FLAC versions wherever possible.

MARCH 2020

COVID-19 !!!


SIFF 2020

The 2020
Symi International Film Festival is currently open to submissions from film directors throughout the world.



Over 260 Euros were raised at the Carol Evening at Lefteris's Kafenion for the Orphanage in Rhodes.

Notice Board
The Party is a 2017 British black comedy film written and directed by Sally Potter.[2] The film was shot in black and white and features a seven-actor ensemble of Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Emily Mortimer, Cherry Jones, Cillian Murphy, Kristin Scott Thomas and Timothy Spall.