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Fractal Music
Many people have heard of fractals, especially the amazing patterns associated with the Mandelbrot set where there is no limit to detail when we zoom in closer and closer using appropriate software.

However, the mathematics associated with fractals is not just about geometry but patterns generally. In short fractals offer a mathematical 'way in' to understanding natural objects which are infinitely complex.

The pre-Socratic philosopher Pythagoras (see elsewhere on this site) was perhaps ahead of his time in understanding that mathematics and the natural world in some sense reflect each other.

During 2004-2005, I 'composed' (for want of a better word) four pieces of fractal music, sometimes described as 'generative music' (Brian Eno) using a very quirky piece of software entitled Fractal Tune Smithy. Sadly the software hasn't been developed. Although the samples listed immediately below only last for just over five minutes, they actually extend forever. I am happy to provide the generative 'seed' files on request.

Dreaming in a Sea of Violets

Weightless in the Rainbow

Minimum Requirement: No Ice Cream in the Temple

Like As It Was

NB The recordings were realised using VirtualMidiSynth and FluidR3 GM sound fonts.(But you obviously knew this!)

If you wish to know more more about fractal music, here's a great place to start:

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