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News and Comment Articles Worth Reading This Week

Scientists: Earth’s tipping points mean ‘planetary emergency’
Laureen Fagan

Greece: New Democracy pushes a tougher agenda on refugees
Elvira Krithari

Migration v climate: Europe's new political divide
Shaun Walker

Venice rejects autonomous rule with poll turnout of just 21%
Angela Giuffrida

Labour’s ‘red wall’ is looking shaky. But the problems started decades ago
John Harris

Clive James and Jonathan Miller had confidence in the wits of their viewers
John Mullan

The rise of EduTube: how social media influencers are shaping universities
Chris Stokel-Walker

COP25: youth ‘leadership’ contrasts with government inaction, says UN chief
Fiona Harvey

With Brutal Crackdown, Iran Is Convulsed by Worst Unrest in 40 Years
Farnaz Fassihi and Rick Gladstone

China brings in mandatory facial recognition for mobile phone users
Lily Kuo

'I'm in touch with nature': the care homes connecting residents with the outdoors
Matthew Jenkin

In search of secrets and broader truths along the Bosphorus Strait
Borzou Daragahi

How the right’s radical thinktanks reshaped the Conservative party
Felicity Lawrence, Rob Evans, David Pegg, Caelainn Barr and Pamela Duncan

Tougher sentences won’t stop another London Bridge attack, but probation reforms and more police might
Robert Verkaik

Why have British universities stayed silent on the assault on academic freedom in Hong Kong?
Brian McGleenon

David Attenborough brands Boris Johnson ‘shameful’ for skipping climate change TV debate
Rob Merrick

Albania Earthquake Kills at Least 23
Elian Peltier, Iliana Magra and Daniel Victor

Is DR Congo on the brink?
Fidelis Mbah

Secret papers reveal workings of China's Xinjiang detention camps
Al Jazeera


UK already issuing passports with words ‘European Union’ removed despite Brexit delay
Chiara Giordano

Erdogan should seize the chance for change in Turkey
Soner Cagaptay

Tory MP says joining in EU elections would be ‘existential threat’ to party
Aamna Mohdin

Mother of girl with epilepsy has supply of medical cannabis confiscated
Mattha Busby

‘I’m so scared’: man who fled DRC for UK as child to be deported
Diane Taylor

A shambles on which the sun never sets: how the world sees Brexit
Jon Henley and others

Footage of Italian boy who stood up to fascists goes viral
Lorenzo Tondo

EU worries about recession risks in Italy, German slowdown
Francesco Guarascio

Last time CO2 levels were this high, there were trees at the South Pole
Damian Carrington

Zimbabwe's £118,000 outlay on judges' wigs met with fury
Nyasha Chingono

Nigerians ordering pizza in from London on British Airways, agriculture minister says
Toyin Owoseje

Google's UK staff paid package of £226,000 on average in 2018
Mark Sweney

Google scraps AI ethics council after backlash: 'Back to the drawing board'
Sam Levin

UK putting trade with China above security and human rights abuses
Kim Sengupta

Petitions and jokes will not halt this march into Brexit calamity
John Harris

Nearly one in seven Britons could live alone by 2039, study shows
Amelia Hill

Drug trips, not broken hips: let later life be the age of irresponsibility
Sonia Sodha

The sixth sense: can humans detect the Earth’s magnetic field?
Robin McKie

Cats know their names — whether they care is another matter
Colin Barras

The tyrant who advocated for the poor: how Fidel Castro’s life and rule is a political paradox
Mick O'Hare

'It's our time to rise up': youth climate strikes held in 100 countries
Sandra Laville and Matthew Taylor and Daniel Hurst

Trump Hits the Wall
Gail Collins

'Yemenis are left so poor they kill themselves before the hunger does'
Marwan Al-Sabri, Ali Al-Makhaathi and Hadil Al-Senwi

Man to be removed from UK so ill Home Office will send four medics on flight
Diane Taylor

Soil tests around Grenfell Tower reveal 'huge concentrations' of toxins
Press Association

Jamal Khashoggi’s long road to the doors of the Saudi Consulate
David Ignatius

Spotify music aand Netflix films could be blocked for UK citizens on holiday after no-deal Brexit, Government admits
Andrew Griffin

Santorini to target overweight tourists with donkey weight limit
Helena Smith

Poorest families to lose out on £210 a year owing to benefits cap
Heather Stewart and Richard Partington

The Soyuz launch failure exposes the total collapse of Russia's space empire
Mansur Mirovalev

Fish and chips but no passport: Windrush victim returns to UK
Aamna Mohdin

Exploitation on the internet? The morality of watching death online
Kieran Dahl

Citizenship? Permanent Residence? - Brits in France fret over Brexit

World in mental health crisis of 'monumental suffering', say experts
Sarah Boseley

UK business cannot plan for Brexit disruption because of government secrecy, says
chief auditor
Rob Merrick

Shoebox Britain: how shrinking homes are affecting our health and happiness
Simon Usborne

Huge risk if global warming exceeds 1.5C, warns landmark UN report
Jonathan Watts

UK dropped objection to death penalty for Isis suspects 'to appease US'
Owen Bowcott

Indian schoolgirls beaten for resisting boys' sexual advances
Manoj Chaurasia and Michael Safi

Brazil's far-right Bolsonaro wins first round of presidential election
Bard Wilkinson, Taylor Barnes and Marcia Reverdosa

UK high court blocks mass privacy action against Google
Press Association

When it comes to military intelligence,'bungling' Russia and 'sophisticated' China may have more in common than you think
Ben Chu

German far-right party draws backing from small group of Jews
Hakan Ersen

BBC was not impartial during Brexit referendum, ITV's Robert Peston says
Peter Stubley

Conservatives are now party of 'far-right ideology and intolerance' says leader of Tory MEPs under David Cameron
Jon Stone

How Banksy’s latest stunt plays into the history of destruction in avant-garde art
Sebastian Smee

Hundreds of migrants stranded at sea amid standoff between Italy and Malta
The Local Italy

Over tourism and pollution real threats for Greece
GCT Team

Inequality breeds stress and anxiety. No wonder so many Britons are suffering
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

Don’t let data protection undermine journalism
Paul Chadwick

Brexit is unnecessary. We have a plan to build a modern Britain
Will Hutton and Andrew Adonis

Brexit Britain is an island nation, but it’s never been alone
Will Hutton and Andrew Adonis

The case for a second Brexit referendum
Andreas Whittam Smith

The Taliban's legacy in Afghanistan has plundered women's basic human rights
Barin Sultani Haymon

Asylum seekers unlawfully held in removal centres for months despite courts ruling they can be released, lawyers warn
May Bulman

Liberal democracy is in crisis. But ... do we know what it is?
Helena Rosenblatt

The Mediterranean diet is in retreat even in Italy. What now for the foodies’ ideal?
Louise Gray

Browsing porn in incognito mode isn't nearly as private as you think
Dylan Curran

Yuval Noah Harari: Brexit will not halt drive to 'human unification'
Dan Roberts

Germany to roll out mass holding centres for asylum seekers
Philip Oltermann

If you want to know how much Google and Facebook are worth to you, try thinking about how much money it would take for you to stop using them
Ben Chu

Neuroscientist Hannah Critchlow: ‘Consciousness is a really funny word’
Emine Saner

Adult brains structured differently depending on status in society, study suggests
Josh Gabbatiss

We could live inside a multiverse which is full of alien life, new study suggests
Andrew Griffin

Two centuries on, Karl Marx feels more revolutionary than ever
Stuart Jefferies

Descendant of last survivor of final slave ship to travel from Africa to US tells of pride as forefather's story is published – 87 years after it was written
Adam Lusher

Why replacing politicians with experts is a reckless idea
David Runciman

It's official: the Brexiter v remainer battle will never, ever end
Andrew Brown

The ruins I saw in Syria stand as a rebuke to western inaction
Diana Darke

I’ve seen inside the digital propaganda machine. And it’s dark in there
Emma Briant

Hans Asperger, National Socialism, and “race hygiene” in Nazi-era Vienna
Herwig Czech (full article in Molecular Autism )

Segregating pupils with special educational needs leaves us all poorer
John Harris

As Theresa May gears up for war in Syria, we should remember what hypocrites we are about chemical warfare in the Middle East
Robert Fisk

Our new European party can unite Britain’s feuding remainers and leavers
Yanis Varoufakis and Benoît Hamon

Man living in UK for 56 years loses job over immigration papers
Amelia Gentleman

Erdogan to the EU: “Let Turkey be a full member”
Maurizio Molinari

Are you ready? Here is all the data Facebook and Google have on you
Dylan Curran

The Cambridge Analytica exposé shows the UK needs better data protection
Liam Byrne

How Saudi artists are capturing the spirit of a kingdom in the process of radical reform
David Lister

The tyranny of algorithms is part of our lives: soon they could rate everything we do
John Harris

No hugging: are we living through a crisis of touch?
Paula Cocozza
How China Could Stop Brazil’s Ecological TragedyTop Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials SayTop Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Eur
AI project to preserve people's voices in effort to tackle speech lossOlivette Oteli
Council of Europe denounces Greece in damning report on conditions in migrant campsCautious consumers shoulder blame as Chinese economy slowsExtradition bill crisis: Why are the young people of Hong Kong angry and deeply unhappy?Extradition bill crisis: Why are the young people of Hong Kong angry and deeply unhappy?Extradition bill crisis: Why are the young people of Hong Kong angry and deeply unhappy?'People are afraid to be Hispanic': Trump visits an angry, grieving El P