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Eyrie House Ruins, Mt. Tom Reservation - Tom Cooper

Family Portrait : Bay, Sis Nora and Lolie -
Arlene Case

RAF Hospital, Nocton Hall
- 2017 UK prize-winning photographer Matt Emmett

Farewell Photograph - Owen Silk

Christo Redemptor - Charlie Musselwhite (album: Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite's Southside Band )

Cluster One - Pink Floyd (album: The Division Bell )

Erótica - Roberto Perera (album Erótica )

Eternal Source of Light Divine - George Frederick Handel (countertenor: Robin Blaze; trumpeter: David Blackadder)

Far From The Madding Crowd (1967 soundtrack) - Richard Rodney Bennett

For - C Duncan (album: Architect )

On An Island - David Gilmour (album: On An Island )

Pastorales for Summer Flute - Imants Zemzaris (organist: Hans-Ola Ericsson)

Running in the Family - Level 42

Sketch for Summer - Durutti Column (album: The Return of the Durutti Column )

Solea - Miles Davis (album: Sketches of Spain )

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song - Fleet Foxes (album: Fleet Foxes )

Two Grey Rooms - Joni Mitchell (album: Night Ride Home )

Symi Estate Agent

Symi Visitor Centre (1997-2018) - in memory of Wendy Wilcox

Symi Tv


When I first thought about the design of PHIDOC, two people came instantly to mind. First, Tim Foster – a fellow pupil at Price’s School who eventually ended up as Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the University of East London. And, secondly, Andreas Whittam Smith, the first editor of The Independent . In 1987 my late wife Audrey would insist that I buy a copy of the newspaper on Symi to read as we sat outside the Odyssia apartments or just past Nos beach. All that white space (aesthetically brilliant, but commercially restrictive) was such an inspiration and has informed PHIDOC’s design (along with – let us be frank – 'presbyopia issues'!). As for Andreas Whittam Smith, he kindly agreed to give a seminar at the University of Essex. However, I never met him as when he came to give his talk I was living in Nevada!

The website currently uses the following fonts: Gloucester MT Extra Condensed and Consolas (a mono-spaced font) which was deliberately chosen to give a retro, non-professional feel to the site.